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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:54 pm

Hello Guest, this topic explains the rules.

PowderGames Staff prohibits the following on the forums:

(1) Pornography, XXX, or sex-related posts;

(2) Posts made for the sole purpose of rising post count, spam;

(3) Posts made to insult a user's belief;

(4) Posts made to invoke an emotional response from a user;

(5) Any content that would be considered illegal in the Canadian/United States/International law;
(6) Any content that infringes copyright laws/trademark laws;
(7) Any posts that are random and/or nonsense and/or spam;
(8) Any posts that are only to advertise;

(9) PM advertising (do not PM someone just to advertise). If they ask for the link, that's different;
(10) Signatures that exceed the pixel limit;
(11) Backseat moderating (telling another moderator what to do when you are not one);
(12) and anything that the staff deems insulting or dis-respectable.

(13) Phishing

(14) ID robbing

(15) Outside arguments

(16) Mistreating and Bullying

Banned Users:
If you are banned on Dan-Ball forums, when you attempt to log in, it will say that you are banned and the amout of time you will be banned for.
Creating a new account will lead to a serverban. (Do note, if you are banned forever, it is possible to get unbanned.)

Note to all users:
You can always use the repost button (the little at the top right corner of the post) to report spamming topics. If a user is breaking the rules or sending you unwanted emails or PMs, you can also PM 8power8.

Staff has the right to change the rules at any time. Breaking the rules will result in warnings and then later bans.

-8power8 and the PF staff

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Forum Rules
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